2143 Cieza Circle, Huntington Beach, Ca 92648
3 Story, 3 Bedroom, 3 Bath, Patio, 2 Balconies, 2 Car Garage, Upgrades, Wood Floors, Beautiful Gated Community, with Pool, and Jacuzzi near condo. " The WaterFront Community"
$3950.00 Rent and $3950 Security Deposit
2 car attached garage.jpg
3 story patio and 2 balconies.jpg
Beutiful grounds.jpg
fountain and front balconies.jpg
Front Entrance.jpg
front of 21343 Cieza Cir.jpg
gated community pool with jacuzzi.jpg
large driveways.jpg
Middle courtyard.jpg
sidewalk to gated entrance.jpg
street parking near pool and jacuzzi.jpg
Waterfron Community Association.jpg

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